We Take Privacy Protection Serious

We’ve taken every reasonable precaution to secure mydna.live and our DNA collection process with state-of-the-art security protocols:

  • Your DNA is de-identified from the very beginning. This means, that once you send your DNA to our highly secure analysis lab, the only identifier to you or your information is an anonymous and randomly generated barcode. This barcode does not contain any personal information about you. It is simply a way to match your DNA with your unique registration at mydna.live. Our promise to you is that your DNA remains anonymous throughout the process.
  • We abide by the HIPAA regulations and guidelines for data privacy and security to safeguard medical information. These are the same regulations your doctor is bound by.
  • Mydna.live is hosted on Amazon’s AWS secure servers. The benchmark for privacy and customer security, AWS safeguards are designed to give you control, not us. When you register your barcode on mydna.live, your DNA results are anonymously matched with your registration information.
  • We do not share or sell your personal information.
  • You control your information. You may request the deletion of your account and information at any time.
  • We do not store or archive your DNA sample for any longer than necessary to provide your results.
  • We will tell you how we collect, use and store your information.

Take the time to read our privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.