Support for Third Party DNA Services

Existing Autosomal DNA Uploads

If you or a family member have previously tested your autosomal DNA at a 3rd-party service such as 23andMe© or AncestryDNA™, you can upload your raw data file to Before doing so, you must first obtain an upload license.  By uploading your raw DNA data, you will receive access to the Endo·Decoded Report. Note that some services may not include all relevant DNA required to generate the full spectrum of reports, in which case only those with results will be made available.

The following services and versions are currently supported:

  • 23andMe© V3
  • 23andMe© V4
  • 23andMe© V5
  • AncestryDNA™ V1
  • AncestryDNA™ V2
  • Diagnomics
  • MyHeritage™
  • SoWello
  • Terrain10

To request additional services, please contact us and we'll try to accommodate whenever possible.