Choosing a CBD or cannabinoid product

Choosing a CBD or cannabinoid product should be simple and scientific.

Endo·dna is a simple, safe, secure and effective tool, backed by scientific evidence and cutting-edge technology, to support your choice to incorporate CBD and cannabis into your health and wellness routine.

Unlike anything available, your health portal gives you access to your personalized Endo·Decoded endocannabinoid report. This report is key to uncovering which cannabinoid and CBD products are uniquely aligned to your health and wellness objectives.

Formulations, product ratings and suggestions you can count on.

The Endo·Aligned approach has proven to be a more consistent and scientifically valid approach to identifying products that are aligned with individual genetics.

Endo·Aligned formulations highlight the CBD to THC ratio and the dominant cannabinoid and terpene profiles, rather than focusing on a specific strain. Strains, as we know, can have wildly different rations and profiles from one brand to the next, and even from batch to batch. Endo·Aligned seeks to avoid this uncertainty by suggesting a formula that has a specific CBD to THC ratio, dominate terpenes, and specific cannabinoid profile. By focusing on ratios and profiles, Endo·Aligned suggestions are never impacted by inconsistencies that may occur with specific products or strains over time. In the long run, the approach becomes a far more reliable way to achieve predictable outcomes.

Throughout your Endo·Decoded report, Endo·Aligned cannabinoid ratio formulations will be suggested to you based on your specific genetic markers.

Your Genetic Predispositions

If you are experiencing any of the traits listed below, then your genetic predispositions may be expressed. You may benefit from this type of formulation based upon the variants we analyzed in the reports listed below:

Relevant reports:

  • Fear extinction
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Psychotomimetic effects with THC use
Endo·Aligned Formulation #13: Full Spectrum CBD


This formulation helps support relief from stress and frustration. Made with full-spectrum, filtered CBD hemp oil, extracted from the hemp plant and packaged free of additives, Kannaway’s Enriched Help Oil contains the highest potency in our product line powerhouse terpene blends including linalool and beta-caryophyllene as the dominant and secondary terpenes.

Endo·compatibility is Endo·Aligned.

Your Endo·Decoded report provides information you can act on immediately. 

At key points in your report, our matching algorithm provides a specific cannabinoid formulation suggestion based on your genotype. This formulation suggestion can provide support in your search for the right commercial cannabinoid product for you.

Endo·Aligned Trusted Formulations

Where government regulations permit, your Endo·Decoded report may suggest commercially available cannabinoid and CBD products to you. These products are suggested because they have a certificate of analysis which closely match our Endo·Aligned formulations.

Any products suggested have been thoroughly vetted for quality assurance, based on the product’s published certificate of analysis and are unbiasedly provided. We maintain an agnostic position to any and all commercially available products.

14 Distinct Endo·Aligned Formulations

Your Endo·Decoded report connects you with the cannabinoid and CBD ratios and terpene profiles that most closely matched your specific genotype.


Actionable information you can use immediately. 

  • Identify your unique endocannabinoid genotype.
  • Pair your DNA with the latest research to predict how you will respond to specific cannabinoids, THC and terpenes.
  • Map potential risks or possible drug-to-drug interactions.
  • Provide personalized insights for cannabinoid and CBD use based on the most up-to-date and clinically relevant research available.
  • Deliver the most precise match available of cannabinoid and THC ratios and terpene profiles.
  • Suggest possible Endo·Aligned formulations which align with your specific genotype.
  • Match Endo·Aligned formulation ratios and profiles with products available in your area.

Information you need to know.

Endocanna Health, Inc. does not provide medical services. Endocanna Health’s reports are not to be considered or construed to be medical advice. The information contained in Endocanna Health’s reports is not intended to be substituted for the advice or consultation of a medical professional. Endocanna Health’s reports include cannabinoid compound suggestions based on your DNA and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or consultation. Endocanna Health does not take responsibility for any side effects or medical issues that may arise from your use or consumption of the suggested cannabinoid compounds. Endocanna Health recommends consulting with a medical professional before use of any suggested cannabinoid compounds. Use of Endocanna Health’s DNA kit or information from Endocanna Health’s reports is not to be considered a medical treatment or a substitute for any treatment from a licensed health care provider. Endocanna Health makes no guarantees regarding your personal health, implied or otherwise, based on the results provided by Endocanna Health’s report.